These tutorial pages suppose you are comfortable with the basic concepts of MEG/EEG analysis and source imaging. If you're not, we encourage you to read some background literature.
To get a quick overview of the software interface, you can watch this introduction video.
If you are looking for the old tutorials, they are still available here.

Get started

The easiest way to get started with Brainstorm is to read and follow carefully these introduction tutorials. The number between brackets represents the number of printed pages for each tutorial. All in one page.
Some sections are still being edited or under review: Editing process.

Starting a new study

    1. Create a new protocol [9]

    2. Import the subject anatomy [8]

    3. Explore the anatomy [13]


    4. Channel file / MRI registration [11]

    5. Continuous recordings [9]

    6. Multiple windows [5]

    7. Event markers [10]


    8. Stimulation delays [9]

    9. Select files / Run processes [11]

    10. Power spectrum / Frequency filters [15]

    11. Bad channels [6]

    12. Artifact detection [8]

    13. Artifact cleaning with SSP [16]

    14. Additional bad segments [7]

Epoching and averaging

    15. Import epochs [9]

    16. Average response [7]

    17. Visual exploration [10]

    18. Colormaps [5]

    19. Clusters of sensors [4]

Source modeling

    20. Head model [9]

    21. Noise/data covariance [7]

    22. Source estimation [28] [TODO]

    23. Scouts [17]

Advanced processing

    24. Time-frequency [33]

    25. Difference [13]

    26. Statistics [30]

    27. Workflows [10]

    28. Scripting [31]

Other analysis scenarios

Advanced tutorials

Anatomy and registration



Deprecated documentation

Source modeling

Advanced processing

Background readings

These tutorial pages suppose you are comfortable with the basic concepts of MEG and EEG source imaging. If you're not, we engage you to read some background information, which will quickly help you getting up to speed with this field:

Now you are well equipped to go through the software tutorial, Enjoy!

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