Installation and updates

Brainstorm is available in two forms: an open-source Matlab application (Matlab license required) and a stand-alone Java executable (free). Both are available for download in the same package.


With Matlab

Without Matlab

Hardware recommendations


  1. Go to the Download page, complete the quick and free registration process.

  2. Download the latest archive
  3. Unzip it somewhere on your computer, for example:

    • Windows: My documents\brainstorm3

    • Linux: /usr/local/brainstorm3 (or ~/brainstorm3 if you are not admin)

    • MacOS: Applications/brainstorm3

  4. Create a new folder "brainstorm_db" for the Brainstorm database, for example:

    • Windows: My documents\brainstorm_db

    • Linux: /home/username/brainstorm_db

    • MacOS: Documents/brainstorm_db

Start Brainstorm

With Matlab

  1. Start Matlab
  2. Do NOT add brainstorm3 folder to your Matlab path: this will be done automatically

  3. Go to the brainstorm3 folder
  4. Type "brainstorm" in the command window
  5. When asked for the Brainstorm database folder, pick the "brainstorm_db" you have just created
  6. Follow all the 12+3 introduction tutorials: Tutorials

Without Matlab

  1. Download the MCR R2014b (8.4) for your operating system: Mathworks website

  2. Install the MCR:
    • Windows: Double-click on the .exe and follow the instructions

    • MacOS: Click on the zip file to unzip it, then click on "InstallForMacOSX"

    • Linux: From a terminal, unzip .zip, then run ./install

  3. Run the program in brainstorm3/bin/R2014b/
    • Windows: Double-click on brainstorm3.bat

    • MacOS: Double-click on brainstorm3.command and wait for instructions

    • Linux: From a terminal, run:
      cd brainstorm3/bin/R2014b/

  4. Troubleshooting for MacOS or Linux:
    • On recent versions of MacOS, you may get an error message "Application can't be opened because it is from an unidentified developer". This message would appear for all the programs that were not downloaded from the Apple app-store. To go around this verification: right-click on the application > Open, then click on the Open button.

    • From a terminal, make sure that the file "brainstorm3.command" is executable:
      chmod a+x brainstorm3.command

    • If nothing happens, run:
      ./brainstorm3.command MCR_DIR
      MCR_DIR is the MCR 8.4 folder (ex: /Applications/MATLAB/MCR/v84)

    • Try with another binary release: Matlab 2012b, Matlab 2013b, ?Matlab 2014a, ?Matlab 2015a

  5. Troubleshooting for Windows:
    • Your current user may not have the necessary privileges. If are an administrator for your computer, you can do the following: right-click on brainstorm3.bat > Run as administrator.

    • If you are not the administrator of your computer and Matlab or the MCR are not installed in the standard paths, Brainstorm may have trouble finding them. To specify manually the path of the MCR or Matlab folder, right-click on brainstorm3.bat > Edit. Fill the second line of the script (Example: @SET MATLABROOT="C:\Program Files\MATLAB\R2014b"), save the file, and try to execute it again.

  6. On Linux or MacOS, you may be asked to select the folder where you installed the MCR.
  7. When asked for the Brainstorm database folder, pick the "brainstorm_db" you have just created.
  8. Follow all the 12+3 introduction tutorials: Tutorials


Brainstorm is quickly improving and evolving. We have chosen not to go through a stable-release policy but rather, we established a quick and easy way to update the software seamlessly for you. Although this approach has its shares of risks of possibly seeing new bugs emerging from the most recent update, it has the great advantage of being dynamic and of rapidly disseminating new, important features. We encourage our users to report bugs through our forum, and our experience shows fixes are completed quickly enough to avoid disruptive downtime to our users.

For these reasons, we recommend that you update Brainstorm regularly using the following options:

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