Adding scouts by coordinates


I would like to add volume scouts by their coordinates, and this can be easily done via the gui, by clicking on “Scout -> New: Coordinates”. However, I would like to add many volume scouts: their coordinates are stored, say, in a text file, easily convertible in a matlab variable of some sort.
Is there a way to add volume scout by coordinates with a command/script of some sort? Clicking and copy-pasting coordinates is quite slow and error-prone. I’ve temporarily solved the issue with a bash script, and by making use of xdotools I have emulated the human actions; however, this solution is not so elegant…

Maybe my problem has a trivial solution, but I couldn’t find any neither in the Tutorial pages nor in the forum. Thank you in advance,

Hi Alessio,

I don’t have any easy solution to offer. But you could find inspiration from the code that is used to create these scouts:


Thank you for the valuable hint, that’s a good starting point.
Have a nice day!

Hey @PerinelliAlessio,
If you found a solution, I'm interested please ;).