ASCII file Import Error..? (.txt)

Dear Sir,

Hi. I'm Leon.
I'm working on my EEG project, and I've done 7 subjects' EEG recording a couple of weeks ago.
So I needed to work on Analysis then. I wanted to see relative band powers of each frequency bands : seta, alpha, beta, gamma. However !!... I'm stucked in the very first step.

I recorded EEG with the EEG headset called DSI-24. And I used DSI-Streamer, the program to record EEG. Then, I've got raw data in (.csv) form. I've tried to import my csv raw data by (Review Raw Data) and (Import from files) in many different forms : (.csv), (.prn), (.txt), etc.
Well, (.txt) was able to import to subject raw data, but my sensor locations, record duration was broken(?) Every sensors' name became 'E' and I guess E01, and E23 is an error. DSI-24 only provides data of 21 electrodes !! I'm posting screenshots of these, so please check up the pictures below.

I can't change to format of files out of the range of ASCII (.csv, .prn, .txt, ....). How can I import my data in ASCII form without these errors..? And could anyone tell me an easy protocol for EEG analysis for 'brainstorm'? I think the tutorials are a bit hard for me to understand...

3 days awake :sleeping:
help me save me,


Hi Leon,

Brainstorm supports for Wearable Sensing csv files.
Did you try to open your raw data using the EEG: Wearable Sensing (*.csv) as Files of Type?


Please follow the introduction tutorials (section Get started ), these tutorials will give you the basis on how to use the software. At the end of each tutorial there are links to relevant resources. If you still have questions do not hesitate to post them in the Forum.


I am working with brainstorm for weeks.. but i still can't find why every form is making errors when i try to import raw data from my files.. Data convariance>Import from file. Is this the right thing to do, right? .prn , .csv , .dbf .... Every form of excel files does not work !!! What do i have to do...??

Please start by following the introduction tutorials (all the tutorials in the section Get started), using the example dataset provided. Then follow the tutorial "EEG and epilepsy".

If you still don't understand how to import your data, please post more details about your issues: screen captures, full error messages, description of what your are trying to do...

If you can't review your file with the file format EEG: Wearable Sensing (*.csv), please:

  1. Post the full error message you get
  2. Upload an example .csv file somewhere are post the download link here