Converting .ref file to .edf file


I am trying to convert .ref eeg files (telefactor corp files) to .edf (european data format) so that I can read the files in Brainstorm.

Does anyone know how to convert the files? with python script or any third-party software, I tried a few import data options without success. Having a lot if datasets
telefactor corp file.REF (534.7 KB)

No, we don't have any information on how to read these files in Matlab.

It looks like someone had exactly the same question 5 years ago:
I sent an email to Pierre, in case he remembers some information from his investigations at that time...

Otherwise, could you contact the device manufacturer for help?
It looks like commercial software like BESA or Persyst can read these files, and therefore convert them to EDF. Can you have access to any of these programs?

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Thanks for the response, I can not access BESA or Persyst. I will try to contact the manufacturer. Did Pierre respond to your email? Thanks.

Yes, but unfortunately he reported he didn't find any solution either.

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Okay, thanks for the response. If anything comes up please share.