EEG Mean Power within a Frequency-Band using Extract Process

I am trying to extract correctly, the mean power within a paricular frequency band on average within each trial for each participant.

I have run TF analysis using Morlet Wavelets on individual trials, and corrected them to a baseline (dB change - these were grand averaged for participants and compared between-groups using the statistics tools available in brainstorm as you would do for a typical TF analysis). However, would it be correct to extract the power (in dB) from each trial for each participant whilst averaging over time and frequency band of interest - so you have one mean power output per trial per participant.

Or, is it more accurate to run a PSD and extract the mean power within a frequency range for each trial, for each participant (without a dB correction applied). I wish to perform analysis of average power across trials between-groups (if this is even sound?).

I wish to use the data to run analysis outside of Brainstorm. I am just unsure which (if either) of these are methodlogically sound. I appreciate any advice.

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