EEG review rawfile


Is there a shortcut for 1-second forward/backward scrolling in Brainstorm like many commercial EEG readers

There is
F6 - fullpage
F4 - halfpage
PgUp - 40 msec
Right arrow key - 4 msec

Would be really good when reviewing seizures where a 1 second to second scrolling is best to see evolution.

Mubeen J


There is the list of the available shortcut :

and from the Brainstorm gui, you can set the length of the window/page

Hope it's help


Hi tmedani,

Thanks for the help however I was more looking if there is an option of smooth scrolling 1-second as in this video.
Setting the page length to 1-sec removes the standard EEG reading view.
The page view jumps are sometime not the best during manual visual review of evolving patterns.

Mubeen J

Hi Mubeen,

I'm not sure if this is possible with Brainstorm,
but @ftadel or @Raymundo.Cassani can propose a better answer.


I'll add an option for this in a few weeks.

Perfect Francois. That will be a very helpful utility for manual review in the software.