EEG Simulation based on Head model

As you may have seen the Simulation tutorial is not an standalone tutorial, it is based on the results obtained once you follow the Introduction tutorial. If you want to follow it you need first to follow the introduction tutorial.

No you should not copy:

  1. It a complete different modality, (MEG was used in the Introduction tutorial and you are looking to simulate EEG), thus the head model is not useful.

  2. There is no need of noise covariance matrix. The only thing that is needed is:

    1. An anatomy (default anatomy works)
    2. A channel file indicating the positions of the electrodes

Check this post on how to create a subject using a predefined EEG cap.
How to upload electrode locations for computing the head model - #2 by Raymundo.Cassani

Once you have the Channel file and the Head model, you can proceed as in: