Error in right clicking on averaged time-frequency maps


I am writing about an error on averaged time-frequency maps.
I averaged 8 time-frequency maps (each from one subject), the process worked fine, but when I try to right click on the average file I get this error:

** Error: Line 34: cell/ismember (line 34)
** Input A of class cell and input B of class double must be cell arrays of character vectors, unless one is a character vector.
** Call stack:
** >ismember.m at 34
** >tree_callbacks.m at 1652
** >bst_call.m at 26
** >panel_protocols.m>CreatePanel/protocolTreeClicked_Callback at 140

Brainstorm opens the map and I can navigate through channels from “display” tab, but I cannot open all channel together (or do any process which needs right clicking).

I should add that this problem is only for the TF maps in the “Group Analysis” folder. Even copying a TF map from a subject (which works well in its initial place) to there, leads to the same error.

Fixed in

I updated the MEG lab Brainstorm.


Thank you very much Martin,