Errorwhile using 2D sensor cap

Hi Francois,
nowadays, i am conducting a study on EEG dataset. after i applied the PSD on my data, i wanted to display 2D sensor cap to visualize the power distribution on the scalp. but i have got the following error:

Error: Line 90: Index exceeds matrix dimensions.
** Call stack:
** >bst_nearest.m at 90
** >bst_shepards.m at 66
** >figure_topo.m>GetInterpolation at 617
** >figure_topo.m>PlotFigure at 532
** >figure_topo.m at 27
** >view_topography.m at 324
** >bst_call.m at 28
** >figure_spectrum.m>@(h,ev)bst_call(@view_topography,TfFile,[],‘2DSensorCap’,[],0) at 780

where is the problem then ?

It is very difficult to understand where this error is coming from just with the error message.
Could you send me some example data? See example below:


Dear Francois,

i tried to upload the zipped file directly, but it always fails
so i uploaded it on my google drive.
i hope this works.
the raw data file was first band pass filtered, ICA was computed and artifact ICs was removed by EEGLAB toolbox. after that, the preprocessed data was exported in the .set format.

thanks in advance,

Thank you for the example data.
I could reproduce the error and fix the bug. This function was not working correctly with less than 12 electrodes. If you update Brainstorm and try again (menu Help > Update Brainstorm), it should not crash anymore.

However, you have only 8 electrodes, therefore the topography views are not very useful.
You should rather use the menu “3D electrodes” for instance.

thanks for your effort and interest Francois,
you are right, i should shave increased my channels.

thank you again,