FreeSurfer folder import

Hello all,

I have ran an MRI through FreeSurfer using the standard recon-all routine and the process ran without an error. When attempting to import the anatomy folder into Brainstorm, the following error message is presented:

** Error: Could not import FreeSurfer folder:
** MRI file was not found: T1.mgz
** Surface file was not found: lh.pial
** Surface file was not found: rh.pial

Oddly, when I try to individually load the T1.mgz file, it works fine. However, I am not sure if this is related to the fact that it cannot locate the *.pial files (which incidentally happen to exist in the /surf sub-folder)?

Any advice fellow users?



I don’t know where this problem could come from.
Could you zip the entire FreeSurfer folder foir this subject and send it to me (with dropbox for instance)?
Send me the download link in a separate email (on the forum: click on the username > send email)


Hi Francois,

Thank you for you reply. Indeed, it appears to be a trivial problem and had to do with compression of the folder in Linux, and subsequent decompression in Windows. The Import Anatomy is working just fine now.


Hello!! I have the same problem and I don't know what I should do. Could you tell me how you solved it?

Please copy-paste here the full error message you get.