Functional connectivity between Brain areas

I want to evaluate the functional connection of brain's regions with each other using EEG data. How can I extract these functional connections ?
the connection tutorial in Brainstorm is about functional connections between electrodes but My goal is functional connectivity between regions?

Execute your connectivity on source files instead of EEG recordings, using scouts.

I strongly recommend you go through ALL the introduction tutorials before diving in functional connectivity.

Hi professor,
thanks about your reply
I decide to use atlas scouts for analyzing functional connectivity between areas. i am interested to use CAT12 scouts but when i am trying to add spm12 in brainstorm plug in ,the software cannot install spm12 in automatically and manual which can't use plug in .
can you help me how i can fix this problem to use cat12 scouts?

  1. Update Brainstorm
  2. Try again installing SPM12 and CAT12 from the Plugins menu:
  3. If you still have issues, post screen captures showing: the contents of the Plugins menu, the window you get when you click on Plugins>List, all the error messages you get in the Matlab command window