How to plot t-maps on surface

Dear all,

I have computed a series of analyses, with custom MATLAB code, on the 68 time series extracted from the source-reconstructed activity after downsampling with the Desikan atlas. These analyses resulted in a set of t-values for each ROI.

Now, I would like to go back in Brainstorm and plot these t-values over a cortical surface in order to obtain a t-map of cortical activity, but I am struggling in understanding what is the correct approach to accomplish this task.

Any suggestion will be greatly appreciated!


If you want map your 68 values back to a surface with 15000 vertices, you need to create manually a source file, as done in the process "Simulate recordings from scouts":

This procedure is also discussed on this forum, for example:

Hi Francois,

thanks for your reply. I have found also another solution, that is downsampling to the Desikan Atlas a source file from my protocol and then replacing the ImageGridAmp field with my own t-values and reimporting the file into Brainstorm.

Apart from the unit scale, your suggested solution and mine give both the image that I wanted to create :grinning:.