ICBM default anatomy with coregistered hemispheres available?

Hi there,
Thanks for the permanent improvements of brainstorm! I wonder if there is a default anatomy (e. g. the ICBM) available that is has coregistered hemispheres, so it would be possible to create homologous scouts in the other hemisphere. It would be extremely useful to test hemisphere interactions. For example the absence of an effect in one hemisphere does not necessarily mean that there is an interaction. So from the effect in one hemisphere, one could create a homologous scout in the other hemisphere (where no effect has been observed), and fit an interaction model across the scout derived measures. Thanks for your feedback,



Hi Stephan,

Updating the ICBM152 template with all the recent improvements is almost at the top of my todo list.
I will let you know when there are updates on this front (hopefully within a few weeks).


Hi Francois

Nice to hear from you directly! I can imagine how these things pile up! Thanks for your response.How are you? Where are located now?


I'm still not there, but there are other linked requests on github:

Hi Stephan,

I'm finally moving forward...
There is now a new ICBM152 template available, that includes the contralateral registration:

It is not part of the Brainstorm main distribution yet, but it will be soon.
In the meantime, you can set a subject to use it manually: update Brainstorm, then right-click on a subject (or the default anatomy) > Use template > MNI > ICBM152 2022.

Since the surface tesselations for the cortex are changing (new FreeSurfer version), this would break all the existing source maps using the template anatomy.