Import EEG-BDF File Question

Hi all,
I'm sure this would have been discussed elsewhere.

Could someone please point to a tutorial or a discussion elsewhere that explains the difference between "Value, Bit, TTL, RTTL and Ignore" and what "remove DC offset" and "resample recordings" mean when trying to import EEG-BDF data?

Many thanks.

Value, Bit, TTL, RTTL and Ignore

Select the process "Events > Read from channel" for a full documentation of these options:

Example, reading value "5":

  • Value: Creates an event named "5"
  • Bit: 5=01001 => Create an event "1" and and event "3" (bits 1 and 3 are set)
  • TTL: If the baseline was around 0 => Creates one event
  • RTTL: Might not do anything
  • Ignore: does not read the events

remove DC offset, resample recordings

Please follow the all introduction tutorials (section Get Started) using the example datasets provided before trying to process your own recordings: