Import Muse file into Brainstorm - Format request


I am doing a project related to Muse EEG data. I tried to upload the csv. file to brainstorm, but it showed an error on it. Is there any way to fix it? I also don't know much about coding. Thank you.

Can you please an example .csv file, so we can reproduce and try to fix this bug?
Zip the .csv file, upload it somewhere and post the download link here.

Here is the link. Thank you so much.

Thank you for the example file. There is no issue for loading the file you sent me with the current version of Brainstorm on Matlab 2022b. It works both with "Import MEG/EEG" and "Review raw file".

Are you sure you sent a file that causes an error on your end?

If your version of Brainstorm is up-to-date and you sent the correct file, try removing from your Matlab path all the folders that are not directly related with Matlab or Brainstorm.

You can't find any solution to get it to work, it might be an issue with your Matlab version, if we use in this reader some functions that are not available on older Matlab versions.
Please copy-paste here the output of the command ver executed in the Matlab command window.

Thank you for your reply. Originally, I used the Macbook version and did not work. So I changed to the Window version. And after I insert the file. It shows the error code like the picture below. I think the version is up-to-date. Thank you.

Your database is not showing the file that you sent me, I can't expect to reproduce your errors.

  1. Make sure you emptied the Matlab path, as requested previously (it seems like you are in an EEGLAB folder...)
  2. Share the files that you use for your tests, that causes the error you report here
  3. Describe step-by-step, from an empty database, how to reproduce the error you report.

I apologize for my mistake. I don't have the Window version right now, so I should mention the problems that exist on my MacBook version. I am using the file sent to you before.

  1. I think I deleted the EEGLAB path before opening the brainstorm. And then I directly type the 'brainstorm' in the commend window.
  2. After that, I create the protocol and subject and added the EEG data file sent before.
  3. The error window pops up in the below picture.

I also type 'ver' in my command window and here is the picture.

The file that you sent (mindMonitor_2023-02-27--12-12-30.csv) does not cause this error on my computer, with the same Matlab version.
Can you please make sure that you really sent me the correct file?

If the file you sent me really generated this error on your computer, you need to help us understand why your computer is behaving differently:

  • First make sure that in your Matlab path, you don't have anything that can interfere with Brainstorm: you should see only folders within the Matlab installation path, the Brainstorm installation path and the Brainstorm home folder.
  • Edit function in_data_muse_csv.m, put a breakpoint at line 221 (click on the line number), start the import - if you need, read about the Matlab debugger before.
  • When the debugger stops: explore the contents of the variables evtTime, Time, iTimeEvt, rawTime, RecMat
  • Copy-paste here as text the contents of all these variables