Inf values in 1xN Coherence results

In calculating connectivity, I am using 1xN coherence.
In the calculation result using the options below, there are 'inf' values in the coherence results and I do not understand what the values mean.

  1. Time window: -1/ 6 (entire time)
  2. Use scouts: Desikan-Killiany
    i. Postcentral R
  3. Scout function: Mean
  4. When to apply scout: after
  5. Measure: Imaginary
  6. Output configuration: Concatenate input (one file)

I appreciate your time.


I'm not sure how you can end up with a Inf value in the coherence calculation.

First, make sure your Brainstorm version is up-to-date (we modified the imaginary coherence function at the end of 2019).
If you still observe the same thing, please share an example file with which we can reproduce this (upload the .mat file somewhere and post the download link here). If you are using scouts: first export the scouts time series to a file, make sure you obtain the Inf values, and share with us the matrix_...mat file.