Leadfield matrix

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I want to calculate the leadfield matrix for whole cerebral volume, including four layers (i.e. brain, CSF, skull, and skin). How can I do that? Your example and descriptions in this are about the leadfield matrix for the surface of the cortex.
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When you click on compute head model you get the option to either use the cortex or the whole volume as possible sources, so by clicking on MRI volume in Source space you'll get the whole volume.

At the moment you can only use the OpenMEEG BEM implementation which considers isotropic brain, skull and skin. In the near future, you'll be able to make FEM models which can consist of more materials like CSF or even distinguishing grey and white matter.

Though the addition of CSF is assumed not to be very crucial for the lead field matrix.

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And FEM coming up for the summer...

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