Modification of sensors script

Hi, I was wondering if anyone has modified the EEG sensors script for any project? if so, how did you access the particular code/script for the EEG sensors. I would greatly appreciate any advice/tips. Thank you in advance.

Hi, I'm not sure what try to do here. Can you provide more context?

Have you followed the Get started tutorials?
If you haven't, I recommend you to start with those, using the provided data; then you may want to check other provided tutorials on EEG.

Don't hesitate on posting if you have questions that are not addressed in the tutorials.

thank you for the response. I was wondering if there is a specific script for the sensors guide. If so, would you be able to direct me to it?
thank you in advance.

Brainstorm reads the sensor files using this specific Brainstorm function "import_channel" where most of different file format are imported.
you can also find the different functions with prefix "in_channel_" that are used to read the different EEG sensor file format.

Thank you. What I want to do is make my own EEG sensor file built off of the existing file. Is it possible to edit this file to do that?

yes, you can create/modify any channel file for your own application,
One solution is to export it to matlab :
(select the channel item on brainstorm> right-click> File > export to matlab > give a name for your variable),
and then do your modification on that variable, and then you can import it back to brainstorm.

The channel file structure is documented here:

Before you try to modify files from the Brainstorm database, make sure you read the Scripting tutorial:

thank you very much for the resources.

Alright. Thank you.