MRI template for Children (4-7 years)

Hello BrainStorm Masters,

First of all i want to thank you very much for the great tool you have design and put at the service of the community. Im quite new on this but im really happy with all the different possibilities it presents for analyzing the data. Therefore im very thankful for this work.

I wanted to ask you if it is possible to implement an MRI template for performing source estimation in data of 4 - 7 year old children. We have perform several experiments using 128-Channel EEG and we would like to perform this analysis. I have checked the forum and have found that theres a template but for infants. Do you have any template for children?, or can you suggest where or how to get one?.

Thank you very much for your help

J. Paul.

Dear Joan Paul,

I’m sorry, there was no update on this topic since the last time you asked on the forum…
As part of Brainstorm, we only have a 7-week atlas from Ghislaine Dehaene’s lab:

Similar posts on the forum suggest some other ideas:

You could try to contact other labs that are doing source reconstruction on children MEG/EEG recordings. Maybe some of them already have this figured out.
If you find good models that are freely redistributable, we could include them in the Brainstorm distribution like we did for the 7w template.


Thank you very much Francois,

I will continue my search for the template, and when i found one ill be happy to share it with you to get it implemented in the brainstorm software.