MRI template for children

Hello everyone,

Im wondering if someone has childrens MRI template to do source localization?. Im currently working with the GSN 128 for children betwen 4 and 7 years old and havent been able to found a template that can be used in brainstorm.

I will appreciate every help you can provide


Joan Paul Pozuelos


I will integrate soon the following baby atlas to Brainstorm, but I'm not sure it would match your age target:

For older children, you may try to contact the authors of the following articles:


Thanks for the quick response Francois :)…

I have found some web pages in which there are some templates. I dont know if they can be uploaded also into brainstorm. The webpage is:

Do you recommend to use this templates?. im very new in using braintstorm so i dont really have experience in uploading a template.

Thank you for your help!

Joan Paul

Hi Joan Paul,

The problem with those atlases is that they are all transformed to the MNI stereotaxic space.
If you process them in FreeSurfer and import them in Brainstorm, they will all have the same size and almost the same shape.

What you need for source reconstruction is instead an anatomy that is the real size of the kid’s head. If not, you will estimate brain activity outside of the head.
An alternative is to take an existing template, and deform it to fit the size and shape of the children’s heads. For that, you just need to digitize the envelope of the head with a Polhemus (or equivalent tracking device). This would not give you an accurate folding pattern or BEM model, but at least it will give you a head model of the appropriate size. Use only unconstrained source models if you do this.
See these tutorials:


Dear Francois,
I would be too interested in pediatric cortical sources estimation (6 to 12 year-old-children). I found this public database:

Are there the same problems as those you raised for the McGill template?How , if possible, could I implement those templates on BS?
Alternatively, are you planning to integrate children templates in BS?
Is it completely wrong to use adult templates for children data?

Thank you very much


Hi Giovanni,

You should contact the authors and ask them if the average MRI is in a normalized space or if it is in real size.
If they are not normalized to the MNI space, you can process them with FreeSurfer and import then in Brainstorm as you would do for any individual MRI:

If you use adult-size heads for studying children, you will reconstruct sources up to 5cm outside the subject’s brain, then the results can be quite random…
You should at least scale/warp one of the templates using head points, as explained in these tutorials:


thank you very much Francois,
I’ll ask the author and then I will tell you!


ps:anyway, are you planning to implement children templates in BS?

The development plans include the baby atlas developed at Neurospin:

I didn’t have any proposition for adding other children templates yet.