Need for advice on 3D electrode localization

Dear all

I would like to know your opinion about 2 systems for 3D electrode localization (EEG), please :

and if you think that 3D electrode localization is a real added value for sources localization based on, for each participant, EEG + IRM + IRMf (with localizers).

Thank you in advance for your advices.

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Hi Emmanuelle,

Having the real 3D positions of the electrodes on the hard drive will allow an automatic registration of the electrodes cap and the head shape extracted from the MRI, and it will improve the source localization accuracy.

There are probably articles comparing the quality of the EEG source estimation with and without individual MRI and individual electrodes positions.
@Sylvain @John_Mosher @Alexandre @Marc.Lalancette Would you have any reference to share?

The Polhemus Patriot is a precise device, but increases significantly the time necessary to prepare the participants of the experiment. It can be driven directly from Brainstorm:

I never had any feedback about the captrak system, but if it works it is probably faster.