New for Braistorm, some web questions

Is there a way to implant Brainstorm to a frame in web browser?

Not easily at the moment.

Matlab is in a process of becoming Java-free, particularly with the objective of being able to render everything in web browsers. Therefore at some point it might be possible to display some of the Brainstorm figures in a web browser as well. But this will not be the case for the main Brainstorm window with the database explorer, as this is coded 100% in Java.

Another solution is to use a solution that renders a full virtual desktop in a web browser. I am not familiar with this, but I know some people have been working on it. You may try to ask the users who posted messages in these threads:

Thanks, btw, can brainstorm run on python?

Brainstorm is a Matlab-based software, it is not written in Python.