No settings for processes

Dear Brainstormers,

I have a issue with the processes. When I want to run it, I don't have an extended menu with the settings. For example here in FT t-test paired cluster:

But I also had it in scouts time series. Weirdly enough in some other processes (e.g. averaging and difference) everything works properly.

Can you help solve it please?

Do you get any error on Matlab's Command Window?

Try Reset options in the Pipeline editor (inside the last toolbar menu iconCondition).

This might be related to this commit:

And to this other bug report: Scouts and time series

Please try the few suggestions from the other message:

  • Update Brainstorm
  • Make sure that there is no error displayed in the Matlab command window
  • What version of Matlab are you using?
  • Try using the compiled version of Brainstorm:
  • Try reducing the interface scaling in the Brainstorm preferences (try 100%)
  1. Reset options and reducing the interface scaling did not help.

  2. Matlab version: R2017b

  3. Here is the error message I get:

Undefined function or variable 'BstStringListRenderer'.

Error in panel_process_select>CreatePanel/UpdateProcessOptions (line

Error in panel_process_select>CreatePanel/UpdatePipeline (line 706)

Error in panel_process_select>CreatePanel/AddProcess (line 605)

Error in panel_process_select>@(h,ev)AddProcess(iProc,AddMode) (line
'ActionPerformedCallback', @(h,ev)AddProcess(iProc,

I think this bug has already been fixed in this commit:

This was already documented in this forum thread: Error when extracting scout time series - #2 by Raymundo.Cassani

Please update Brainstorm and try again.

If you still get an error, there might be an issue during the update, or you may have multiple versions of Brainstorm in your Matlab path. For debugging this further, type edit panel_process_select in the Matlab command window, go to line 764, it should be:

        import org.brainstorm.list.*;

Otherwise, you do not have the current version of Brainstorm on your computer. Delete the brainstorm3 folder, and download a new one from the website.