OpenMEEG error in head model computing

Hello, I need help. I updated the OpenMEEG with OpenMEEG-2.4.9999-Win64.tar.gz version. but when I compute head model, I meet this error. please help me.



There was an error with OpenMEEG 2.4.9999, which is described in this thread
Error #131 OpenMEEG in Computing Head Model - #7 by chiazhijien . Reverting back to 2.4.1 should solve the issue :slight_smile:

can you share the files so we can debug. It's unfortunate that our work to release a new openmeeg version broke stuff ....


Hello Alexandre. I can not share the files, because their size is bigger than 4MB. but I download OpenMEEG manually ( and use the Brainstorm menu Update > Update OpenMEEG > Install.

thanks SBeumer. I revert OpenMEEG version back to 2.4.1, but there is still this problem .

Did you do the following step that was adviced by Francois?

  • Try deleting the version of OpenMEEG you have installed manually (maybe in $HOME/.brainstorm/openmeeg/, if you unzipped it with Brainstorm), and start again the computation of the forward model with the version of OpenMEEG downloaded automatically by Brainstorm.

Yes. but I can not download OpenMEEG automatically by Brainstorm. after deleting the version of OpenMEEG I have installed manually, I install another version of OpenMEEG manually.

I mean share the BEM files that crash so I can debug OpenMEEG and you don't have to downgrade.

share a dropbox folder or google drive?


I've just realized that the error message you posted initially indicates that the version of OpenMEEG you used was 2.4.1, not 2.4.9999. So indeed,

Please share some example files to reproduce the error:
Immediately after you observe this crash, zip the entire folder C:\Users\Mahdi pc.brainstorm\tmp, upload it somewhere and post the download link here.

Please also post a screen capture showing the three BEM layers (scalp+outer skull+inner skull) and the cortex surface you use as the source space. Set a different color to the inner skull, so we can evaluate if there is anything obviously wrong with the surfaces you are using.

Hi Francois,

I have the same problem in computing the head model with openMEEG. I have uploaded the tmp file as you instructed. Would you please check it out? Thank|attachment (829.9 KB) Screenshot from 2020-04-14 09-51-15

@sshams it seems that the link to the files is not valid in your message? can you fix or share the files directly with me by email? thanks


@sshams Please do not try to upload the file on the forum. Upload it somewhere else (dropbox, google drive, wetransfer...) and post the download link here. Thanks

tmp.rar (798.3 KB) Capture2 P1P2.mat (701.2 KB)
Hello Francois. I send these file, I hope they are the same files that you mean.
Thanks for your help.

Hello Alexandre, Thanks for your guidance. I sent some files as mentioned by Francois.