P value of ERD analysis

Hey expert,

I have performed ERD analysis in each subject in two groups. Now I want to do statistical analysis and get p value between the two groups. What files should be put in the process 2 file A and file B? Can I put the ERD file of each subject in the process 2? I did so, but it showed
BST> All values are null. Please check your input file.
BST> Average corrected p-threshold: 3.33289e-06 (Bonferroni, Ntests=15002)
Could you please how to do the statistical test in ERD data? Thanks!!


If you use non-parametric tests, you can compare groups of any measure you obtained with Brainstorm.

If you get this message "All values are null. Please check your input file", it means that you do not have anything significant result with the p-value threshold and the type of correction for multiple comparisons you selected (Bonferroni).
To make sure you have something in the files you computed: set the p-threshold to 1 and display uncorrected values.

For help with how to manipulate parameters, please refer to the online tutorials:

Got it! Thank you so much!!