Restore data from the backed-up protocol

We periodically back up protocols.
One day, we noticed that one of the data folder was accidentally deleted.
The data folder had data that were pre-processed within Brainstorm.
So we would like to restore the data folder using the backed up protocol.
How do we do this?

I guess you would just need to:

  • Remove the damaged protocol from your database (menu File > Remove protocol > Only detach from database)
  • Get the backup version of your protocol
  • Load it in Brainstorm with the menu Load > Load protocol > Load from folder

Any issue with this procedure?

The issue is that we made progress with the protocol with one folder missing.
Now we want to preserve all our progress, and add the missing folder back in.
Is there a way?

Not knowing which files were lost or updated, it's difficult to give clear fixing instructions.
You could try replacing the missing subfolder with the backup version. If you do so, reload your protocol before trying to open any file in it again (right-click on the top node in the database explorer > Reload).

Make a full backup of the existing database before trying to modify manually its structure, or you could lose even more data.

The instruction I am looking for is:
How do I import some folders of Protocol #1 into Protocol #2, while preserving existing folders of Protocol #2?
Luckily, all subjects/folders used a standard anatomy.

Copy, reload, see if it works.