Script doesn't work: tutorial_frontiers2018_single.m

Hi all,
Sorry for the silly question.
I want to use script 'tutorial_frontiers2018_single.m'. But I got the error message 'The first argument must be the full path to the tutorial folder.'. I set like this before excute m.file, bids_dir = 'H:\user\ds000117'. What is my mistake?

The folder you specify must contain the file dataset_description.json and the folder derivatives.

This error is generated here:

Thanks for quick reply. Yes. The folder I specify contain both file.

Put a breakpoint at line 89 and check what is wrong...

Thank you so much. The problem is resolved. My input method to the function was incorrect.

Hi, how did you manage to make the input method to the function correct? have the same problem here @Junichi_Uemura