Selection files by filter gui

Hi guys, did you change something in the files selection by the filter gui (bottom of the page, right corner of the gui) in the new brainstorm release? Fore example, I have two files with the file name S2 and S2_corrected. Usually, I put all my files in the process, and then if I want to select only the S2 file excluding the S2_corrected I write in the filter: S2 and not corrected. Usually the 'and not' worked as logic operator for the exclusion. After the new release of the 5th of february it does not work. Did you change something in the syntax of the filter?

Hi Gian Marco,

Yes, now you need to use double quotes to activate boolean logic, like so:

"S2" and not "corrected"

See this thread for more information: Logical arguments in the filter box