Source code of connectivity graph

congratulations for the great software. We exported the scouts time series to matlab files and calculated the connectivity of Adapted Directed Transfer Function (ADTF) , which has bot been added in Brainstorm, with our own codes. since the connectivity graph from brainstorm is beautiful, we want to dispaly our connectivity graph for the .mat files as the format of brainstorm, but cannot find the source code of connectivity graph. would you like to help us?

yours sincerely

Using the connectivity graph display outside of Brainstorm would be very complicated, as it is tightly integrated with the application and the database.
It would be much easier to save your results as connectivity files in the Brainstorm database, and use directly the visualization tools from there.

Compute some connectivity results with the same dimension as your own results with Brainstorm, then modify only the TF field in the .mat file.

The storage of the various fields is documented here:

Thank you for your help, our question has been solved.