Magneto and Electroencephalography

Research Summary

Our lab has worked for many years on the development of methodology for localization and analysis of EEG and MEG data. Our prior work ranges from development of novel source localization and imaging methods, to head modeling and characterization using realistic human skull-based phantoms. The current emphasis in our work is on the development of computational methods for detecting and quantifying interactions between two or more more brain regions using canonical and partial correlations, phase coupling, and MVAR modeling.

As part of this work, we have developed - in collaboration with Sylvain Baillet and Francois Tadel (McGill University) and John Mosher (at the Cleveland Clinic) – the BrainStorm software. This is an interactive Matlab-based program for display and analysis of both EEG and MEG data. The software is available in open source Matlab code or in a compiled version for which no Matlab license is required. See link at left for more details.

Current Collaborators

Main BrainStorm Software Developer

Research Support

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