Tutorial 19: Clusters of sensors

Authors: Francois Tadel, Elizabeth Bock, Sylvain Baillet

In EEG, most of the analysis can be done directly on the electrode values. This tutorial explains how to group sensors in a cluster and overlay channels from different conditions in the same graph.

In MEG, we tend to avoid working at the sensor level because the signals are ambiguous, we work mostly in the source space, which is the topic of the next tutorials. If you are planning to work only with MEG recordings, you may skip this tutorial.

Cluster tab

The Cluster tab is not shown by default in the Brainstorm interface.

Creating clusters

A cluster is a group of one or multiple channels. There are two ways for creating a new one.

Displaying clusters

We now have two clusters available in the list. The second one contains only one channel, displaying it corresponds to displaying the channel time series. The first one contains multiple channels, we need to apply a function to group them into one signal only.

From the database explorer

Once the clusters are defined, you can apply them to any number of files in the database in one click.

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