10/20 EEG and MRI clinical data

I imported a 10/20 EEG exam in EDF format. I added the EEG electrode position using the "Add EEG position-->ICBM152-->Generic 10/20 option. When reviewing the positon of the electrodes, it appears far away the scalp (see attached image). Why? How can I solve it?


Gonzalo Rojas Costa

You are importing default 3D positions for a very large adult head on very small head.
What you see is expected.

Right-click on the channel file > MRI registration > Edit. Read the tooltips of the buttons in the toolbar and adjust the electrodes on the head to match the real acquisition positions.


I have 10/20 EEG clinical data (Cadwell) and MRI MPRAGE of a patient. I imported the EDF file and the MPRAGE. How can I do the source analysis ? Any tutorial? And another question: why I get the erroneous position of the electrodes far away from the scalp (see attached image)?


Gonzalo Rojas Costa

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