3D Image Reconstruction of Brain Sources


I have used Brainstorm to acquire a leadfield matrix and then I used my own MATLAB code to solve the inverse problem for source localization. Any suggestions on how to display the results on a head model? Can this be done on Brainstorm using the .mat files which has the localization results?

The simplest way would be to:

  1. Compute sources estimation in Brainstorm, using the option Full results:

  2. Right-click on the resulting file > File > Export to Matlab

  3. Edit the field ImageGridAmp with the sources from your source estimation method

  4. On the same file you exported, right-click on the resulting file > File > Import to Matlab

Hello @Raymundo.Cassani. I hope you are well.

I would like to please ask how to do step 3 above. " Edit the field ImageGridAmp with the sources from your source estimation method".

basically the result of my estimation method is a matrix 1 x 15002. which are the active vertices.
Could you please help me with this?

The field ImageGrip is located in source files, it has size [nSources, nTimes] with nTimes >= 2.
As you have one time sample, just duplicate the column. More details in here:


@Raymundo.Cassani Thank you very much. It worked.

But I want to ask if I have to make the ImagingKernel empty.

Also, if instead of the 1x15002 matrix, I have 152 x 15002 matrix where 152 are the epochs (samples). can I use that as well?

Sorry, I have a third question as well. Since I did the localization myself and I want to use the software for presenting on the brain model. Can I change the ImageGridAmp for the same file on MATLAB for each subject that I have then export the file to Brainstorm to obtain the brain model, or do I have to create a new protocol on Brainstorm and add the new recordings of each subject?