4 post doc/engineer positions on foetal MEG OPM in France and Germany

Four postdoctoral research / engineer positions are available in the framework of the DFG-ANR funded project fMEG-OPM (PIs Prof. Etienne Labyt, Dr. Mahdi Mahmoudzadeh, Prof. Hubert Preissl, Prof. Fabrice Wallois). For more details on these positions, see tha attached document or go to https://gramfc.u-picardie.fr/medias/fichier/postdoctoral-position-2021-fmeg-opm-final-16dec21_1642248288905-pdf?ID_FICHE=168349.
Postdoctoral_Position_2021_fMEG-OPM_Final_16Dec21.pdf (654.3 KB)
This DFG-ANR project opens up a wide range of opportunities to the successful candidate. The successful candidate will benefit from a stimulating scientific environment where it is possible to invite peer researchers, exchange ideas with fellow researchers in the DFG-ANR project fMEG-OPM; about 15 researchers reside at INSERM, CEA, Tubingen labs, interact with each other in the framework of the DFG-ANR project fMEG-OPM. The successful candidates will join the multidisciplinary research groups where s/he will be in close interaction with the team members. The positions are available for 3 years starting May 2022.