A function of fieldtrip toolbox I want to call is missing in '.brainstorm' path

I met a bug:

During debugging, I found the file 'fiff_read_raw_segment_times.m' was not contained in 'C:\Users\MyUserName.brainstorm\spmtrip\external\mne' path after compiling Brainstorm.

That led to missing fiff_read_raw_segment_times.m in '/home/xiuying/.mcrCache9.13/bst_ja1/Users/DELL/.brainstorm/spmtrip/external/mne/' on Linux.

This is not a bug, the compiled version of Brainstorm does not include a complete copy of FieldTrip and SPM, only the functions it needs. The function fiff_read_raw_segment_times.m is not included because it is not used anywhere.
If you need it for your personal scripts, recompile Brainstorm including it, and all the dependent functions.

However, I'd recommend you try using the Brainstorm reading functions instead: in_fopen.m / in_fread.m.

Thanks for your helpful advice, I'll try it.