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I apologize for the interruption. While observing the localization results in the Desikan-Kiliany atlas, I noticed that you have categorized the insular cortex within the temporal lobe brain region. Similarly, in displaying the brain network connectivity results in the graph, the insular cortex is also placed within the temporal lobe brain region. As shown in the diagram below. I am curious about the reasoning behind this classification. Your insights into this matter would be immensely valuable and greatly appreciated. I eagerly await your response.

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The Temporal label here does not make reference to the temporal brain lobe, but it refers to the temporal region of the brain. Same happens with other region labels such as Central

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Thanks for your response. I'm sorry, I'm still a bit confused. What is the difference between the 'temporal brain lobe' and the 'temporal region of the brain'? I saw the position of the insular cortex in the DK atlas as shown in the figure below. Why does it belong to the 'temporal region of the brain'?"


Temporal lobe refers to the identifiable part of the cerebral cortex. While the label of temporal region of the brain refers more to the spatial position, a region that is situated around the temples (sides) of the head. Using the inflated brain as reference makes hard to see their location in the head.

Left- and Right-insula Scouts from DK atlas

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I believe I have a better understanding now. Thank you so much for taking the time to provide patient responses.
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