About “Generalization across time”

Hi!I want to know whether Brainstorm software could do the step named “Generalization across time” in decoding, and get the figure like thisgeneralization%20across%20time

Blanco-Elorrieta, E., Emmorey, K., & Pylkkänen, L. (2018). Language switching decomposed through MEG and evidence from bimodal bilinguals. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences , 115 (39), 9708-9713.

Hi Sijia,

Yes, now you can! Using the process1, under Decoding, you can use either SVM or max-correlation decoding. Make sure to group your trials in condition folders and to select "temporal generalization" as the decoding method.

For your information, we had a training about this recently, refer to the following slides: https://www.dropbox.com/s/za1qxu2z3z0wq2t/Montreal_bstdemo_2019.pptx?dl=0

Let me know if you need more help.


Hi Martin,

Thank you very much. Your suggestion is useful for us.

Now, I have another question. By using " Decoding > Classification with cross-validation ", I got the result like this figure.
I want to know whether the shading along the decoding accuracy indicates 95% confidence intervals or others?


Hi Sijia,

This plots shows the mean and standard deviation of the decoding accuracy across all permutations of pairs of trials. So not the confidence interval but rather the standard deviation.


Thank you very much. Looking forward to see you in China in the future!