Add note when rejecting trials

Hello there,

I was wondering if it would be possible to add a note on trial when rejecting them. The idea would be to be able to add a short text on rejected trials to explain why they were rejected.

It might be able to save a lot of time, later on, to not have to review every trial to know why they were rejected.

(a similar idea could be applied to bad channel with a note explaining why certain channels were tagged as bad and could be automatically populated by specific processes when removing bad channel/trials)

Thanks for the suggestion, I added it to our infinite todo list:

Unfortunately, I don't think we'll be working on this anytime soon, as it requires new data structures, some coding, and good deal of documentation...
What about a text file opened on your desktop and saved together with your raw data? :slight_smile:

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Thank you.
Yes, I guess a document will work for now :slight_smile: if you want to expand the todo list, even more, I also have a list of ideas, i might work on in the future, that could be added to brainstorm. I can post them here if you want :smiley:


Sure, please share!
New ideas can always be useful, even if we're not implementing them in the near future :slight_smile: