Adding a user "comment/fileTag" to the bst process "Run Matlab Command" for the output files

Hi @Francois

Is it possible to add a user-specified comment/fileTag on the output file when we run the process:
" "Run Matlab Command" " ? (process_matlab_eval.m)

Brainstorm add by default the "| matlab " to the output file name,

Is it possible to add a box to the process table where the user can add its own comment?
and then concatenated with the default "sProcess.FileTag"
(sProcess.FileTag = 'matlab' + " user input";).

It will help the identification of the files and helps when using the "search database" option.


At any time in your script, you can call the process "File > Add tag", to tag either the file name or the Comment field.
It requires reading and writing the file a second time, so it's not the most optimal solution computationally, but it avoids duplicating the same functionality again and again (as it would be interesting to add a user-defined tag in most processes...)

Would that work for you, or am I missing your point?

Hi @Francois

Yes great, this option helps and works as expected

Thanks :slight_smile:

but takes a lot of time :frowning:


I added a few lines to allow editing the comment from the process "Run Matlab command".

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awsome! thanks.

It will be much faster, and it helps to identify the Matlab commands outputs