Apply corregistration to other files


I am performing corregistration between MRI and EEG/MEG channel positions, and I there is an option at the end to apply the same changes to all channel files within the subject. However, some files in my subject have slight changes in MEG channel positions and therefore the transformation is not applied to them, which I would like to. Besides manually corregister these additional files myself, is there any brainstorm function that may allow me to apply the same transformation to other files using code?

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This is not easy to do, and prone to manipulation errors. I wouldn't recommend you try doing this, unless you are confident with your Matlab coding skills and your understanding of 3D geometry and spatial transformations (4x4 rotation-translations in homogeneous coordinates).

The successive transformations applied to the electrode coordinates are available in the channel file, in the fields TransfEeg and TransfMeg:

To apply a transformation an other channel file, check out the function channel_apply_transf.m:

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