Apply sensors on the brain

Dear all,
I have a list of MNI coordinates of ECoG sensors that I use to stimulate and record.
If possible/How can apply them in the standard template (for example MNI152) directly on the cortex (resambling a scout for example)?
Thank you very much,

Hi Luca,
There is currently no way of creating a scout based on the MNI coordinates, you have to place them manually.
You can use the MRI Viewer to get the MNI coordinates in the MRI, and the popup menu “Get coordinates” get the MNI coordinates of a vertex of the surface.
If you know the name of the anatomical area you are targeting, you can use the anatomical atlases to get a good approximation of its location on the surface (Desikan-Killiany, Destrieux, Brodmann).

FYI, there is now the possibility to compute MNI coordinates for individual subjects:

FYI: We improved significantly the tools available in Brainstorm for processing and visualizing SEEG and ECOG data, including new options for volume coregistration. They are now documented in a new tutorial:

(Now you can load sensor positions in MNI coordinates)