Averaging across projects

Hi guys,

My participant data are scattered on multiple disks on my computer because of volume restrictions. After doing all the processing, I'd like to average all participants together, but because the data is on different disks, Brainstorm considers it different "Projects" thus preventing me to put all the individual source files into the process box.

Is there a nifty workaround I could use?

Thank you for your time!

There is nothing in Brainstorm that would allow you to work with data from multiple protocols.
The only thing you can do is to copy-paste the files of interest from one protocol to the other (using your file manager), and then reload the destination protocol.

Be very careful with this, as you have a very chance of producing an invalid database structure and not be able access this destination protocol anymore. Make sure you have backups of everything before you start doing things like this.

A slightly safer option is to use the popup menu File > Export subject, and then the Brainstorm menu File > Load protocol > Import subject from .zip. But this is probably not very convenient if you just want to copy the subject-level averages to a group-level analysis protocol.

Thank you @Francois for your answer.
Actually, projecting on the default anatomy, exporting and then importing to the intra-subject seem like it could work. It just brings a little issue. Some of my data is getting old. Back then, the default anatomy was ICBM152 and now it's Colin27, making the whole deal incompatible.

Here's my new question: How can I make use of the same default anatomy across "studies"?
Thank you again!

The MNI template distributed with Brainstorm was changed from Colin27 to ICBM152 in 2015.
If you have some protocols that are older than 2015, you should reprocess everything with today's version of Brainstorm because a lot of things changed, including the filters.

Otherwise, you can simply change the MNI template used in a protocol: in the anatomy view, right-click on "Default anatomy" > Use template > ICBM152.

Thank you for all this precious information.
I faced another problem, though. Strangely, when I right click my source file and select Project Sources > Default Anatomy > cortex_150002V, the projection gets confused and displays sources in a seemingly random pattern.

It's as if it computes the projected indices with one anatomy and displays it with another.

What do you think is going on?

If you changed the template after importing the subjects and computing the sources, yes, you probably caused some confusion. You could try deleting the interpolation matrices computed for all the surfaces, in the subject anatomy and the template (right-click on the cortex surface > Remove interpolations), then compute the projections again.
Does it change anything?

It works! Superb!
Thanks again for your sustained support!