Band-passed filter data matrix


I have sEEG data which I applied the band-pass filter in Brainstorm. I will continue my analysis (for ex.Hilbert transform) based on band-passed filtered data, but I can't find the data matrix (nChannelxtime). Because I can't reach out to the signal, I can't perform any further analysis in MATLAB script separately.

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Hi @Selin_Ozcan

Can you share the steps that you did to compute the bandpass filter?
Can you also share a screenshot of your protocol showing the data (functional tab)?

If you data is a link to the raw data. You need to read that raw data file to get it in Matlab. This can be done with the functions in_fopen() followed by in_fread().

If your data is already imported in the Brainstorm database (it is not a link to raw), you can export the recordings matrix with right-click on the data file > File > Export to Matlab.

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These are the screenshots. Even, I will change the filter parameters later, I want to use band-passed data for further steps. But when I export the band-passed data to the Matlab, there is no signal matrix (channelxtime).
Also I wanted to change the filter order but I couldn't change the default setting as well.

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It is a link to raw files (as icon indicates RAW). Depending on how long is the recording, reading the entire raw file may cause a high use of memory.

  1. First obtain the filename and format for the raw file. This data is saved in F the link to the raw file, right-click the > File > View content

  2. Open the reader for the raw file:
    sFile = in_fopen(FILENAME, FORMAT)

  3. Read all the recordings for all the channels in the raw file.
    x = in_fread(sFile, [], [], []);
    x has the shape [nChannels, nSamples]

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It worked well !! Thank you !
Since my data is extremely huge, I have to run other operations because it exceeds MATLAB's response performance, but I will work on it.

Also, is there any possibility of adjusting filter orders?