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I am using Neuralynx for acquisition of EGG and single unit activity in addition to video recording. I would like to know how can I upload the video and an excel file of the tracking the animal position.
Thanks for your help.


Mohamed Ouardouz

You should be able to review the video in this way:

For the Excel file, I'm not sure: how would you like to use it? As a signal available in the database that you could review together with the EEG signals?
The there is no easy solution for that, you would need to:

  • load the time and position values Matlab manually (either using the Matlab functions for reading xls files, or by exporting the data to a TSV file),
  • interpolate the signal to the same time vector as the EEG signal loaded in Brainstorm
  • Save the signal directly in the database with the appropriate name and data structure, or save it as a separate .mat file that you import with the menu "Import MEG/EEG".

Merci Francois,

The excel tracking file will be used for place cells analysis with the events file (single units) that will be uploaded to brainstorm. By the way is there any chance that neuralynx recorded data can be 100% brainstorm compatible, so I can do spike sorting and all the analysis using brainstorm. May be I am asking to much.

Is it not at the moment?

@mpompolas @Sylvain

Let's not discuss the same topic in two different places.
Please continue the discussion about Neuralynx data files in the initial thread:

Hello Francois,

Is the place field function will be released soon. if yes, could you please elaborate on the structure of the data to be used I have: time, x position and y position that need to be synchronized with the EEG (LFP). I have the data as a matlab binary file. Thanks,


Is the place field function will be released soon?

What do you mean with "Place field function"?

could you please elaborate on the structure of the data to be used

All the data structures are documented in the introduction tutorials.
The Scripting tutorial lists them all:

I have the data as a matlab binary file

If you save the recordings in a Matlab .mat file that contains only two variables Data and Time, you should be able to load it using the file format `EEG: Matlab matrix (.mat)"

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Hi Francois,

Thanks again and again for your help. Place field function or a tool box. please see snapshot of the presentation.


This was in a talk about multi-unit electrophysiology.



Hi Mohamed,

I made this presentation and the place fields function is still not part of the invasive neurophysiology toolbox.
Further developments are needed for releasing it and I am not currently working on this project.

In general, if you have the latest version of Brainstorm you should have all the available features.


The new version of the ephys toolbox is out!

Github commit:

Updated tutorials: