BEST vs PTE on brain entropy assessment: a comparison of methodologies

Dear community,

I am wonderirng what would be the difference amongst BEST tbx and PTE in terms of results interpreting how some areas have higher entropy than others.

I have asked in another post MEM BEST interpretation - #5 by edelaire that I wanted to compute entropy from BEST source estimates.

I want to use this information to understand the level of thermodynamic entropy in the brain or specific regions related to the shannon entropy computed.

I understand PTE refers to functional connectivity based on transfer entropy also based on shannon entropy as well based on similar to gibbs entropy in the brain.

I also understand BEST tbx provides means to compute based on KL divergence on relation to prior and posterior distribution porbabilities the drop of entropy which means lower entropy so far I have understood.

My question based on all these observations would be how could I use each different method to assess entropy in the brain or in specific regions if possible?

Obviously with BEST I cannot see anything but cortex and with PTE I cannot see as far as I understand specific values of drop of entrop like in MEM.

Although I can observe causality in regions provoking which level of entropy (higher or lower)?
i.e. lets say I have A-->B which regions is higher on entropy A or B?

Thank you for kindly answering all my questions. And thank you for your patience.

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