Best way to export to MNE Python

What is the best way to export a Brainstorm project in a way that is easy to read in MNE Python?
I have Brainstorm mat files within project + kernel from someone else,
In principle, I could export reconstructed sources as mat files and create MNE structs from scratch.

I need to do further analysis on sources time series within different python packages related to MNE ecosystem.

I am a quite new user of Brainstorm library.


At the moment, I don't know what is the most appropriate way to export files from Brainstorm to MNE-Python. It was part of my summer work plans to write functions to create MNE-python objects from Brainstorm in order to call some of the MNE functions we don't have in Brainstorm, but I have not started it yet. Maybe by the end of August I will have something available in this direction.

If you are interested in working on this, on your own or together with me (but a bit later), the idea is first to create conversion functions, similarly to what we've done with FieldTrip (functions out_fieldtrip_...m and in_..._fieldtrip.m).

The Brainstorm data structures are documented in the sections "On the hard drive" of the various introduction tutorials, summary available here:

Examples of how to call Python and MNE-Python functions frmo Matlab are available in brainstorm3/python.

@Alexandre Any additional suggestion?


we also maintain mne-matlab toolbox:

it needs some updates. It would indeed be great to have there matlab functions to read current epochs files produced by mne-python

Any help would be very welcome


@Francois I saw new function to export data to MNE (out_mne_data) added in October release (great!!), but how to use it to export the sources? it is possible to use it from gui? there is no tutorial related to it yet?

This is a work in progress, we still need to figure out some technical problems with the cross-compatibility between Matlab versions, and then to finish the import/export of MNE-Python objects.
I hope to get a fully functioning and documented version of this Brainstorm-MNE (and Matlab-Python) bridge early next year.

Is there any progress or workarounds in this matter?

No, unfortunately we're lacking resources to work on all the projects at the same time...
But it's still something we'd like to see happen at some point.