Brainstorm FDR on ROI connectivity result differd from fdr_bh() result

I have two groups of data with two conditions.
After the Permutation test, I did FDR correction on Brainstorm.
In order to do further analysis, I extracted the permutation test result's p-value to Matlab and ran fdr_bh() with it.
But I couldn't see any significant results by fdr_bh.
Since I used fdr_bh('pdep') which is supposed to be the same method you used in brainstorm, I thought the result should be the same.

extract Permutation result to Matlab as PerT.


[h, crit_p, adj_ci_cvrg, adj_p]=fdr_bh(pVal,0.05,'pdep','yes')

Furthermore, I tried mafdr() used bhfdr. Still shows no significant results.

However, this data shows significant results in brainstorm.
I wander what went wrong?

This is the data set I extract from brainstorm. Which shows significant results after FDR(0.05) in brainstorm.
F-MW117.mat (73.9 KB)