Brainstorm utility for the detection and analysis of epileptic outbreaks in rats

Hi there,
I intend to use brainstorm for a study of epilepsy in rats.
Rats have a mutation that allows them to induce epileptic outbreaks with temperature, and my goal is to detect and analyze these outbreaks.
Taking into account that I only have 2 channels for each rat (main and reference), do you think brainstorm could be useful for my study?
Thanks in advance,
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Brainstorm could help you:

  • Load the input files
  • Review the recordings
  • Edit list of events in the continuous files
  • Epoch the data around events of interest / average the trials

If includes some detection algorithms, but nothing specif for detecting spikes.
Tutorials/ArtifactsDetect - Brainstorm

You could develop new tools for this detection, or use existing algorithm, and package this as Brainstorm processes:
Tutorials/TutUserProcess - Brainstorm

If you are interested in learning how to use Brainstorm, start by following the introduction tutorials, at least until #19:
Tutorials - Brainstorm

Thank you very much Francois. I'm going to try to integrate in Brainstorm some kind of detection algorithm then.

Let us know if you need help with anything.
It is in our plans for the next few years to integrate existing tools for epileptic spike detection (in humans).
It would be great to start with your tools.

Note that there are also tools dedicated to electrophysiology in Brainstorm: