Bug notice & fix: reading CTF MEG with .pos file

Dear Brainstorm users,

If you use Brainstorm to perform any type of source-level analysis on CTF MEG data AND you use digitized head shape .pos files, please be aware that there was a bug until recently that slightly affected the MEG sensor coil orientations when the data was read and the head points were used to refine the MRI registration. While the bug was fixed in December, data that was previously read and processed in Brainstorm is still affected even if Brainstorm is updated.

We therefore created a process and tutorial to address this issue and correct affected data. Unfortunately, any forward and inverse solutions and subsequent source-level analysis would have to be recomputed to be corrected. Given the small scale of the error and the potentially large workload, whether or not to correct ongoing analyses can be decided on a case by case basis, possibly after evaluating the impact on one or a few subjects.

We apologize for this situation and any inconvenience.